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Letter to the editor
Legislators united on EPD application
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Forsyth County News

We are writing in response to the letter to the editor from April 29 concerning EPD meetings and water withdrawal permits for the county. The permit has been on the table for some time, and we held three meetings on that subject at the Capitol in March. Combinations of commissioners, the mayor and the EPD director and staff attended, as did each of us principal members of the Forsyth County legislative delegation.

Some accounts of these meetings, such as last week’s letter, have not been completely accurate. As we stated publicly at two town halls last week attended by the Forsyth County News and other media, all of us in the delegation told the EPD staff that we supported the county receiving its own withdrawal permit from the basin. There were no dissenting voices on that particular point at the Capitol meetings from any of the delegation or commissioners. The EPD director and staff also had no serious objections in principle to the county’s permit.

We spent much of our time working with EPD on the hurdles they still have around water in the Chattahoochee basin, that are unfortunately bigger than our county. The unpleasant items that stand in the way of a quicker disposition are the unsettled tri-state water wars and Army Corp’s pending update to the basin master plan.
However, the director has promised to issue a formal statement on the status of the permit and the “checklist” things that must clear up to proceed.

The citizens of the county have our commitment that we will work in a collaborative manner with EPD to move forward with issuing the county permit. We would be happy to discuss further with anyone, so feel free to call us at our office numbers below.

District 24 state Rep. Mike Dudgeon, (404) 656-0298.

District 23 state Rep. Mark Hamilton, (404) 656-5132.

District 27 state Sen. Jack Murphy, (404) 656-7127.

Rep. Mike Dudgeon

Rep. Mark Hamilton

Sen. Jack Murphy