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Letter to the editor
Tea party working at grassroots level
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Forsyth County News

Where is the tea party? Where are they?

According to Debbie Dooley, National Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, “We’re like an army equipping ourselves to go into battle. 2010 was just a practice run for 2012. The best way to be effective is for your opponent not to see you coming before it is too late.”

According to Trilby Leech, chair of the Forsyth Tea Party Patriot Alliance, “We are part of 15 million patriots across America. We’re getting stronger each day.”

There is nothing small about the grassroots tea partiers. They are empowered to take action at the local level to defend the core principles of America, constitutionally limited government, free markets and fiscal responsibility. (Just ask defeated Sen. Lugar or the army of tea partiers headed for Wisconsin in support of Gov. Walker.)

Unlike Democrats, Republicans, superpacs or other groups, the Tea Party Patriot movement is the largest local grassroots movement in American history to include “training, issue education, webinars and tele-town halls, and mobilizing volunteers.”
Millions of Americans now realize the best way to effect change in 2012 is at the grassroots.

Bob Frey