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Letter to the editor
More civility evident in local government
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Forsyth County News

I want to say some kind words about the more pleasant atmosphere surrounding the tough job we ask our county commissioners and city council members to accomplish.  I’m sure they can tell me that behind the scenes it is still a noisy process.

Since moving to Forsyth County 14 years ago, I have been disappointed at the public and contentious language that we sometimes hear when water agreements and the dividing up of tax revenue is negotiated. I understand it is tough work. I understand there are strong opinions. But the current membership of these two legislative groups seems to be able to meet these challenges and at least make it look like the process may be a bit more business-like.  My congratulations to all of you.

And I would also like to note that the public as a whole has also generated input, debate and dissent for the last two years that is more civil than some past years.

We often hear that we are a fast growing county. I am one reader who hopes that in addition to growing, we are also growing up. Keep up the good work and good citizenship practices.

Vernon Kuehn