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Letter to the editor
Conditions at park unfavorable
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Forsyth County News

I read with interest the upcoming opening of four new parks here in the county. This comes after the addition of Fowler Park, which is a real asset to the county and one for which we should all be proud.

I have no problem with the new parks and am in fact thrilled to hear about them. What I do have a problem with is the condition and upkeep of the tennis facility at Sharon Springs Park.

I play on three teams out of there. We recently won two city championships and runner up in another. We host teams from all over the metro area, and while I realize we are not a country club and cannot be expected to provide such facilities, the condition of the facility is an embarrassment to our acknowledged “affluent” county.

We often have no toilet tissue or paper towels. We once went two weeks without toilet tissue because it was “on order.” Some of our ladies now carry supplies in their car to be sure we can provide for our guests.

Our trash receptacles on the courts were taken down. We were told they get broken and would not be replaced, yet Fowler Park has trash cans on each court.  People are now leaving their trash on the courts. There is a big hole in the ladies restroom. We complained about it repeatedly and finally a piece of cardboard was put over it!

When expressing our concerns about these issues to the parks department, we were told we could always go play out of Fowler. This is unacceptable!

Our players live near Sharon Springs and should not have to travel a great distance just because our community facility is in such poor shape. Recently new astroturf was put on the football field and new batting cages added. This is definitely a good thing; however please give us the respect we deserve by keeping the tennis area up to the standard of the other parks. Not only do we pay taxes, we pay a healthy fee to play out of there.

Vickie Whitaker