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Letter to the editor
Forsyth County has much to offer
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Forsyth County News

I read an article published June 15, 2012 about the new parks. I wanted to comment on these developments and to share my appreciation to the Forsyth County commissioners, especially Commissioner Tam, on their efforts to make Forsyth County a place worth living.

I decided to move to Forsyth County in 2003 from Fulton for a multitude of reasons, one of them being taxes. I talked with other residents and Realtors, and they shared with me how Forsyth County, especially south Forsyth, was going to be a wonderful blend of nature and commerce.

As with all things, this vision for Forsyth County is a process that was and is well thought out not only for its citizens but for its business partners. Thankfully Commissioner Tam not only listened to his constituents but he applied their voice in the plans for Forsyth County. In this day and age, it is refreshing to have an honest politician that will not only do what is right for the community but will also challenge us to see other points of view.

Residents of Forsyth County can enjoy a movie at The Avenue-Forsyth; they can visit our parks, both new and existing; they can experience shopping galore and restaurants abound. They can fly fish on the Chattahoochee; they take a leisurely stroll on the greenway; they can see our historical sites like Sawnee Mountain Preserve, all the while knowing that they can do this in a safe and clean environment. And that is another major reason why Forsyth County is great — its safety and cleanliness.

As an informed citizen, I know that we cannot rely on just the government to maintain all these resources. It is our job as taxpayers to be sentinels of these parks, open spaces and our community at large. And this is where I think we thrive because I think the majority of citizens understands this responsibility and takes it on without hesitation. I am grateful I live in such a wonderful place called Forsyth County.

Chris Abellana