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Letter to the editor
Stand up to store owners
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Forsyth County News

A recent news article about synthetic marijuana and “bath salts” as new drugs of abuse showed that at least one convenience store in Forsyth County was stocking this unlawful merchandise.

A number of privately-owned and independently operated gas station-convenience stores in our area also sell drug paraphernalia, like bowls and bongs to smoke marijuana, meth and cocaine. Electronic digital scales to weigh out portions of it, usually for sale on the street. And these stores often sell other ingredients that dopers use to make their own home-brewed drug cocktails.

I urge the responsible citizens of Forsyth County, and all of Georgia, to take a look around at your local convenience store and see if you spot drug pipes, scales and other such merchandise on the shelves.

Challenge the clerk about why they are selling that stuff. Ask to speak to the owner. Consider boycotting the stores that choose to make a buck off helping feed the addictions of people in trouble.

Personally, I don’t want to do business with a store that aids and abets criminal activity. If druggies consider it “their store” and feel at home there, I think the good citizens should buy their gas, coffee and snacks somewhere else.

Kurt Martin

Gainesville (Forsyth County)