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Letter to the editor
T-SPLOST questions for voters to consider
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Forsyth County News

For those of you who have not researched the proposed T-SPLOST boondoggle that is being promoted by so many, let me share my research with you.

According to The Forsyth County News of April 26, 2012, on Page 3A it was reported that the “SPLOST VII” tax extension, barely passed by the voters of this county last fall, would bring in an estimated $203 million between 2013-19. Next if you will go to the GDOT Web site, read under the LARP distribution chart that they estimate that they will return $4,082,147 to Forsyth County in 2013.

If this county can collect $33.83 million a year ($203 divide by six), why should we send all of that money to GDOT and only get $4-plus million back from them?

The additional questions that you should honestly answer for yourself before you vote on July 31 are No. 1, where is the rest of “our” tax money being spent?, No. 2, has any SPLOST tax not been extended multiple times? and No. 3 do you really trust the same politicians and officials who promised to end the Ga. 400 tolls?

Melissa E. Connor