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Letter to the editor
Parade exceptional for local veterans
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Forsyth County News

This year’s Independence Day parade in Cumming was truly an outstanding event.

Once again, members of Cumming Chapter 1030 of the Vietnam Veterans of America joined the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars to lead the parade through downtown.

Unlike the welcome we received on our return home from tours of duty in Vietnam, during the 2012 parade we were greeted with smiles, applause and thumbs-up as our unit made its way along the parade route and past the exceptional crowd of patriotic onlookers. The community’s expression of support and appreciation was touching and most gratifying.

Thankfully, the current generation of men and women in uniform are not scorned and demeaned. Instead, they are rightfully respected for the work they do on our behalf and they are celebrated upon their return for the immeasurable contributions they have made to our national security and our American way of life.

To veterans of every conflict and every branch of service we honor you and your service, and say “Welcome home!”

Billy Darby