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Letter to the editor
Liberal media ignores Obama's negatives
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Forsyth County News

“I didn’t inhale!” was the famous answer of Bill Jefferson Clinton, the candidate for presidency, when some reporter asked about his pot-smoking. It nearly cost him the nomination and later the presidency.

“I used drugs enthusiastically,” says Barrack Hussein Obama in his autobiography. It was not an issue when he started his run for the White House.

Times have changed: the rules have changed … The liberal media skillfully kick under the carpet Obama’s 20-years association with America hating pastor Jeremiah Wright, his personal mentor.

Media keep silent about Obama’s radical socialist friends; they don’t report on unelected Obama’s czars and ever growing army of bureaucrats who very successfully bring America to its knees by their crippling regulations and insane spending of taxpayers’ money.

They are killing the engine which made this country envy of the world. The incentive to reach the American dream is being replaced by offer of dependency on the government.

“The era of the big government is over!” These are again words of former president Bill Clinton when he reluctantly respected the will of the Congress as required by the Constitution. Don’t expect anything similar from Barrack Obama. His goal is obvious: America as one of those countries whose people sold their freedom for a few securities of the life in a socialist cage.

Peter Motyka