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Letter to the editor
Find a trash can, not the roadside
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Forsyth County News

Over the weekend I took a stroll through my neighborhood and discovered a few items that I thought someone might be missing:

A beer bottle?

An energy drink can?

An empty cigarette pack?

A plastic water bottle?

No? Not yours? Wow ...

These items, along with about a bajillion cigarette butts, were strewn along the streets of my neighborhood. Surely, I thought, these items did not end up here intentionally?

Perhaps they leapt, unbidden, into the great green right of way?

No? You mean, gasp! Someone actually threw them out of their car?

I mean, there are these neat gadgets called trash cans that are found in most homes, where this kind of trash belongs, right? Oh, and I have even seen several gas stations where one can find these miraculous trash cans too.

Even more amazingly, they now make these wonderful little mini-trash cans that fit in your car.


So one could actually keep their trash in the car until they reach their homes,  where they could deposit this trash directly into their trash can.

Where,  incidentally,  it belongs.

Who’d a thunk?

I can’t speak for you, but I wish to live in a neighborhood, not a trashcan.

Seriously,  did your parents raise you to be this kind of inconsiderate, self-absorbed, trash-spewing moron?

Does your mom know you do this kind of stuff?

What would your grandma say?

You know she would say pick up that mess and put it where it belongs.

Angie Rigney