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Letter to the editor
New county parks are wonderful
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Forsyth County News

Your article, “Third, fourth new parks open,” dated July 1, 2012, by Alyssa LaRenzie, prompted me to write this letter.  

My neighbors and I love the new Old Atlanta Recreation Center and Park.  We are so excited to have such a fantastic amenity close to home.  It’s a perfect combination of active recreation, nestled in a large parcel of undisturbed green space.  It has really been fun listening to my neighbors giggle about their first Zumba class experience.

My personal favorite is the indoor track on a hot or rainy day.  Several times a week someone is talking about their teen meeting friends at the center for a pick-up basketball game.  What a great place for kids to spend their evenings and weekends.

My younger son’s jaw dropped the first time he saw the new splash playground.  The cherry on top is the cropping up of brand new sidewalks that tie our new recreational jewel to the local schools and neighborhoods.

So thank you to the commissioners who voted for the project, the Forsyth County Parks and Recreation team for your thoughtful planning, and to Brian Tam for working so hard to make it all happen.

Kristen Stevens