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Letter to the editor
Many who paid for parks don't use them
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Forsyth County News

In response to Ms. Kristen Stevens letter last week, “New county parks are wonderful,” I’d like to offer an opposing view. The small percentage of residents that enjoy the Old Atlanta Recreational Center is a very small fraction of the total population of Forsyth County. In order to open this center, Commissioner Tam was required to redistribute the wealth of 175,000 other citizens for the benefit of a minority.

There are large numbers of citizens in Forsyth County that are perfectly content to allow government to redistribute the hard earned dollars of their neighbors and fellow county residents for their own pleasure. A small fraction of the county citizens may “giggle about their first Zumba experience,” but there are tens of thousands who have no desire or interest in Zumba classes. Why should they fund your Zumba experience?  Besides, this center competes with the private sector fitness club marketplace and it ruins the livelihood of other families in this county.

Commissioner Tam did not work hard for this center to make you happy. Nope. He redistributed the wealth of 175,000 citizens of Forsyth County in order to make a voting block happy to get votes and campaign contributions. That is exactly what President Obama did with the stimulus in 2009.  Your tax dollars went to the owner of Solyndra, state unions, teachers unions, the auto unions to be filtered back into the campaign coffers of President Obama, and he will be rewarded with votes.

The center should be sold-off to a private enterprise.  It is a perfect location for medical offices or remedial education businesses.

Bill Evelyn