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Letter to the editor
Election process needs better journalistic effort
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Forsyth County News

The political process has become perplexing for me and most Americans but we continue to believe it’s the best we have for this generation.

One area that is the most perplexing is with news coverage of the elections and the candidates. It has become clear to me, after utilizing 30 years of political coverage from TV, newspapers and now social media to assist me in deciding who to vote for, that doing so is at best naive and lazy.

During the 2012 political season, the media coverage contributed to me questioning whether news is doing more entertaining than informing the public. The new norm is more entertaining than informative. Unfortunately, this new norm results in diminished media credibility and our society suffers because of it.

The political advertisements and news spots all seem to be staged. The reporting seems staged with everyone knowing it’s a game. Seriously, there are very few reports that seem reliable. Is it me?

Where are journalistic standards? Where does a journalist’s loyalty lie? Is it with the public or with the corporations that employ them?

This is not an indictment against any one news outlet but a call for journalists to bring back the credibility that we once relied upon to help in selecting our leaders.

Bettina Hammond