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Letter to the editor
County deserves to have its own water permit
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Forsyth County News

Why does the U. S. Corps of Engineers give Cumming a permit to withdraw water from Lake Lanier but refuse to give the county a permit? When the contract ends, the city and county have problems agreeing on a new contract. Now the city wants to raise the price from 10 cents per 1,000 gallons to $1.25 for any water over 16 million gallons a day. Since Cumming has the only permit, they pretty much control the price.

Why does the city, with only 5 percent of the population, have a permit and the county doesn’t? The county paid over $11 million upgrading Cumming’s line for water, and Cumming only paid a little over $2 million.

Why don’t the county commissioners and state legislators get together and request a withdrawal permit from the corps since the county has 95 percent of the population?

Doesn’t the corps and city of Cumming’s actions act as a restraint of trade that tends to prevent free competition and create a monopoly or limit the market, which obviously leads to price gouging by Cumming?

Seems to me that the corps and Cumming created and are maintaining a contract that creates a monopoly. Since those kinds of contracts, i.e. electric companies, telecommunications post service, are strictly regulated as a necessity, shouldn’t the city of Cumming have to pass the same kind of scrutiny in providing water?


Ruby Cook