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Letter to the editor
Proud of voters for rejecting T-SPLOST
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Forsyth County News

I’m so glad the primary vote is over. Also I’m glad T-SPLOST was rejected and that we are tired of the politicians telling us what is best for us. We can defeat them and let them know that we are not puppets on a string. I am so proud of the people for standing up and voting for what they believe and advising politicians what they’re up against come November’s vote.

All $8 million spent to entice the people to vote “yes” was wasted. The companies that threatened their employees to vote for the passage or be out of a job failed. I am proud the people stood up and let them know we are mad and that we do have a brain and can make decisions for ourselves.

We filed a notice that anything they come up with must be right for the people and not something that will fill their pockets with more of our hard earned money. Do you think that the companies that donated $8 million even thought how much good they could have done for the hungry and jobless people in this state. I don’t think so.

I think the candidates for president of this great country should quit lying every time they open their mouths and tell the truth for a change. They should be discussing how to put people back to work because that would be a major move to get us out of this recession. It makes sense to me that if people are working they will spend money and pay taxes, but I don’t think this ever enters into their brain. We have approximately 300 million people here in our country and you would think we could get better candidates than we have.

Sid Barfield