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Letter to the editor
Democratic sheep being led to slaughter
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Forsyth County News

During their convention, the Democrats practiced a perverse mind control over the very few, but likely very dedicated individuals who have the stomach to watch all that drivel. According to Democratic Convention propaganda, we, the American people, belong to the government. That is perverse. The government belongs to the people. Its powers derive from the consent of those same people. To say otherwise and broadcast that among folks who obviously do not know the facts, is an effort at mind control.

The group of tyrannical high-riders who put on this show told the folks who have allowed themselves to be dependent upon government that the government owns them; that they need to be owned; and that government ownership of the people is a good thing.

The party leaders who contrive all of this decry individualism. They exalt collectivism. And they worship government. No, we do not belong to God. We are not God’s people. God is nowhere in the Democratic platform. God has been purposely removed. We are the government’s people. We belong to the government.

Over time, the collective mind of the American population is being dumbed down. That is the danger of government schools in which funding derives from successfully achieving any number of centrally planned federal benchmarks. No Child Left Behind simply means no child will think for him or herself. Each will be a subject of the government, each owned by the government, each content that he or she has given up all personal sovereignty, as the government that owns them hands national sovereignty over to a Luciferian world governing system. That is the ultimate goal here.

Those who know their scriptures also know that the ruler of the world is not of men. It is of spirit. And when men trust that spirit, they no longer trust God. They choose the world and what the world has to offer, rather than God. And they do so out of their own free will. No one is to blame except themselves.

They are sheep being led to slaughter.

And they may take freedom-loving Americans down with them.

Hank Sullivan