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Letter to the editor
County to blame on water dispute
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Forsyth County News

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” This cliché has been around since the beginning of time.

The city of Cumming has the “state of the art” water and sewer system available. While some think it’s OK to attack the hand and not have “repercussion” on the upcoming water contract issue, [to do so] is crazy at best. The Cumming City Council of five and the mayor make six fingers on that hand. Many think biting that hand is OK.

The Forsyth commissioners think it’s OK to micromanage the contract with the city, which is wrong. Repercussion is a fact, and the people who should have executed the “water” contract should be the Forsyth director of water and sewer and the county manager, who both have failed in their administrative ability to get this job done.

This contract should have been in place two years ago, but these administrators making over $125,000-plus a year each, just come to work and collect a check and could care less. This is unacceptable. They both should be fired with their entire staff for getting us in this critical mess we are in right now. I hope the city teaches the people of Forsyth how to respect the hand that feeds you. A rehiring of the best should take affect A.S.A.P. Not the worst or laziest. Get people who can understand the needs of the people paying their salaries.

Forsyth voted in a $ 200 million sales tax last November and you are worried about a couple of cents on a gallon of water? Get a grip and fire these misfits who are making lots of money doing nothing. Cumming has always supplied a great resource called water. Good Republicans, hire me and get the job done.

Never mind, I don’t care anymore.

Terry Sweeney