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Letter to the editor
Nothing 'forward' about this plan
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Forsyth County News

I am a political refugee from communist Czechoslovakia. (1970) I would like to point at the similarities between the regime there and the present situation here in the U.S.


The free capitalistic society of my native Czechoslovakia produced in 1938 the seventh best economy in the world. They called us “Yankees of Europe.” The promises of equality were on the program of the populists taking advantage of euphoria after World War II. They won elections. Their slogan was FORWARD!

The state confiscated all private property. They called it redistribution of wealth. The government has become the only employer. The network of committees of community organizers were the tool of the government to keep the population supervised. When the world economists evaluated economies in 1968, the Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia placed 49th.

I left Czechoslovakia at that time to became a citizen of the United States. I have become worried lately. Expression “community organizer” sounds without arousing alert. The word “rich” has become dirty word. Redistribution of wealth is a part of our president’s vocabulary and political strategy. Envy, until recently unknown to most Americans, is being used for collecting election votes. Banners with slogan FORWARD! have been the foreground and background for president Obama daily denouncing the type of society which made, long time ago, my countrymen Yankees of Europe. The president would evidently prefer the society which replaced it.

FORWARD!? . . . No, thank you! I was there. I know the consequences.

Peter Motyka