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Letter to the editor
Citizen activists at core of tea party
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Forsyth County News

Over the past four years, we’ve seen an unprecedented and dangerous shift in the way the country handles its finances.h

The focus has shifted away from creating growth by encouraging businesses to invest and entrepreneurs to take risks to a world where the government is more active than it can afford to be or that Americans want it to be.

President Obama has centered his first term around massive, unaffordable efforts that have driven the nation deeper into debt and done little to put Americans back to work. 

Enter the citizen activists called the Tea Party.

The media constantly insists that the Tea Party criticism of President Obama is because he’s black. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Tea Party has objected to the policies of any politician of any race if the policies are not fiscally responsible.

Cumming is a town of citizen activists. The Forsyth County Tea Party Patriot Alliance under the direction of Trilby Leech organized debates during the primaries and continues with a planned Get Out the Vote rally at 9 Saturday morning Nov. 3. Watch for their activities under the billboard at the corner of Hwy. 20 and Hwy. 9. 

After the election, the FCTPPA continues with a 3 pm, Nov. 11 Veterans’ Day Freedom Rally at Forsyth County Central Park. The rally features powerful speakers and fun patriotic music. The activism of the Tea Party, which is not a third political party, has truly been a great asset to the local community, as well as our nation.

The FCTPPA’s biggest goal today is to get out the vote with a request that you vote your conscience.

Bob Frey