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Letter to the editor
We have to unite in fighting Obamacare
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Forsyth County News

Promise, I’m not an extremist. Just telling it as it is. We have to stick together!

I do not want to be the “messenger of bad news,” but it is imperative that we contact our Congressmen daily regarding our healthcare and our children’s healthcare. Right now, if you have familiarized with it, the new Obamacare doesn’t “look so bad,”  but it is going to get bad a little further in time, because even the “new” stuff that is about to take place is still going to change. 

At first, when the new laws take affect those of us that have private insurance through our employers will be able to continue to use our current doctors, meds, etc. but, we all know with change comes confusion and chaos. This is when it’s going to get bad.

That means the government is going to make yet another change to it so that “they can fix “all the confusion and chaos. The government is going to be a one payer system.  This means everyone will go to one place and pay one place, which will be the government. 

Our hospitals will be run by our government. Have any of you ever used the VA hospital? Everyone, including cancer patients, chronically ill patients, everyone will  be told what doctor we can see, what meds the doctor can prescribe, and the government will decide if you even need the treatment your doctor recommends, etc., etc. 

Call our congressmen every day.


Sandy Moore