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Letter to the editor
Obamacare patrons face extra tax burden
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Forsyth County News

Vince Coyner’s article in the Dec. 1 Forsyth County News is exactly right. The ACA should be scrapped and started all over. The people covered by the ACA will still be treated as second class citizens.

Super first class citizens work for government at some level and for the most part their employee benefits, including health care, are provided by the taxpayers at no cost to the employee. These are super benefits and not taxable to the employee. Note that Forsyth County is budgeting $16,000 per employee for benefits in 2013. Taxpayers pay this straight out. No Obamacare involved here.

Other first class citizens work for corporations who provide benefits which are fully tax deductible to the corporation. The government has provided this benefit to employers and insurance companies since at least  the middle 1940s. These benefits are also not taxable to the employee.

The individual buyer of insurance, whether under the ACA or not, has to buy it with “after tax” dollars and cannot deduct this expense from their taxes unless it exceeds a rather hefty amount of their taxable income. Is this fair?


Mitchell L. Easter