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Letter to the editor
Now is time to think of others
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Forsyth County News
With the economic downturn, many people are having trouble making ends meet and finding resources.  This is felt all over the United States, but really hits home in Forsyth County.

After I read the article, “Local nonprofits feeling the need,” I feel there is more that we can do to help.  Many of the charitable organizations in Forsyth County are working harder than ever to make these resources available.
Traditionally, when I think about people who need assistance, I think about the poor, but with the economy the way it is, some of the people showing up at the Cumming First United Methodist Church’s food pantry are unexpected recipients.

Janet Walden stated, “Some are still the same.  We have a lot of young families with children and we have elderly.  But were seeing a lot more ... middle class.  We had a young man come in with a resume in hand, headed to an interview, who stopped to get a bag of groceries on his way. "

This situation shows how those of us who can help, should do so.  To us, a simple can of soup seems insignificant, but to someone who has nothing, or has just lost their job, it’s almost like gold.  Giving back to the Forsyth community is as simple as bringing by one of these cans to a church or other charitable organization.  There are always companies and other organizations such as the Rotary Clubs that help restock these food pantries, but if each individual person could just do their part, those in need would be a lot better off.  

Families who are trying to find jobs have enough to think about without having to think about where they are going to get food to feed their families.  With your help, we can make life a little easier for those less fortunate than you and I.

Please do your part.  Please donate today.

Lori Stenander