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Wisdom of new jail, courthouse questioned
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Forsyth County News

How do you folks like the new courthouse and jail? I think it is poor planning to build these two monstrosities in the center of Cumming.

These should have been built outside the city with a lot more acreage to accommodate these huge buildings. We will never again know Cumming as we once did, seeing and enjoying, gone forever and ever.

We also spent approximately $100 million so that our children and children’s children will be paying on for them for 30 years.

Progress is what people want and we are certainly moving people into the county at an alarming rate.

When you start zoning for 500 homes here and 800 homes there and then take these subdivisions that were stagnate for several months and they now are building on those, it is just too much growth at one time to have schools and roads to support this growth and our taxes of course will go up to support this explosion.

I think all this so called progress is uncalled for and not thought through before starting this mentality that more is better.

I believe the city leaders and county leaders need to rethink this growth and back off rezoning for a while to let us catch up before approving any more building.


Sid Barfield