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2014 Forsyth County News All-County Cross Country Team
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Forsyth County News

The Forsyth County News’ 2014 All-County Cross Country Team.


Runner of the Year: Savannah Carnahan, South Forsyth, Jr.

First Team

• Milicent Bergey, South Forsyth, Soph.

24th in Class AAAAAA, 5th in region, 3rd at county, five top-five finishes.

• Savannah Carnahan, South Forsyth, Jr.

Fourth in Class AAAAAA, second in region, first in county, six wins overall.

• Kaylee Dupont, South Forsyth, Fr.

Sixth in Class AAAAAA, third in region, second in county, six top-five finishes

• Liz Galarza, West Forsyth, Soph.

Third in Class AAAAAA, fourth in region, six top-five finishes.

• Emma Maisel, South Forsyth, Jr.

30th in Class AAAAAA, 10th in region, fifth in county, three top-10 finishes.

Second Team

• Julie Ericson, West Forsyth, Soph.

47th in Class AAAAAA, ninth in region, two top-10 finishes.

• Abby Fox, Lambert, Jr.

24th in Class AAAAAA.

• Bonnie McKinnon, Forsyth Central, Jr.

13th in Region 7-AAAAAA, fourth in county, one win, two top-five finishes.

• Dara Niemi, West Forsyth, Jr.

38th in Class AAAAAA, 14th at Double Dip.

• Stephanie Shea, West Forsyth, Soph.

48th in Class AAAAAA, 18th in Region 6-AAAAAA.

Honorable mention: Taylor Coleman, South Forsyth, Sr.; Kaitlyn Griffith, West Forsyth, Jr.; Amanda MacArthur, West Forsyth, Fr.; Anna McCarthy, Lambert, Soph.; Savannah Ratcliff, South Forsyth, Sr.


Runner of the Year: Jonathan Schwind, Lambert, Jr.

First Team

• Austin Campbell, Forsyth Central, Sr.

38th in Class AAAAA, eighth in region, fourth in county.

• John Green, West Forsyth, Jr.

Eighth in Class AAAAAA, third in region, top time of 15:52.

• Ryan Peppenhorst, South Forsyth, Sr.

33rd in Class AAAAAA, second in region, first in county.

• Jonathan Schwind, Lambert, Jr.

Fifth in Class AAAAAA for top finish by Forsyth runner, first in region.

• Brian Skoglind, West Forsyth, Sr.

19th in Class AAAAAA, set personal-best time with 16:11.

Second Team

• Tyler Fox, Lambert, Fr.

43rd in Class AAAAAA, 13th in region, best time of 16:45.44.

• Will Harper, West Forsyth, Sr.

44th in Class AAAAAA, ninth in region, best time of 16:42.13.

• Will Hasse, Forsyth Central, Jr.

31st in Class AAAAA to help Bulldogs finish fifth, best time of 16:44.07.

• Trevor Kane, South Forsyth, Soph.

34th in Class AAAAAA, fifth in region, best time of 17:27.80.

• Max Warner, Forsyth Central, Jr.

40th in Class AAAAA, seventh in region, third in county.

Honorable mention: Cole Gizelbach, Forsyth Central, Jr.; Matt Patterson, South Forsyth, Soph.; Daniel Sexton, West Forsyth, Sr.; Christopher Sharp, Lambert, Jr.; Charlie Webb, Forsyth Central, Jr.