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The 7 best quotes from the third annual Forsyth Sports Media Day
Denmark head coach Terry Crowder speaks during the 2018 Forsyth Sports Media Day. - photo by Ben Hendren

Seven Forsyth County head football coaches and 14 players were on hand at the 2018 Forsyth Sports Media Day, with Denmark High School making its first appearance at the event. The challenges of starting new programs, rebounding from rough seasons, college recruiting and rivalries were just a few of the topics covered. Here are some of the best quotes from Wednesday.


“At our first staff meeting the other day, I told the coaches, ‘A year from now, we can’t point our fingers at anybody.  Whatever we create or whatever’s happening, we created it. We either allowed it to happen or we started it.’” Head coach Terry Crowder on building a brand-new program.


“I can give you a number. I know that number. It’s just a number. I want to give it to you so bad, but I’m not going to give it to you.” Head coach Terance Mathis on the number of wins he wants to see this season.


“It’s never great going 3-7. We missed the playoffs for the first time in a little bit and it sucked, but we’ve really seen some progress this offseason and some people step up to be leaders this year.” Senior offensive lineman Ethan Anderson on following up a disappointing 2017.

North Forsyth

“Honestly, I think being the underdog’s kind of fun. It’s always fun, especially if you’re playing an away game, going into somebody else’s house. Basically, you’ve got to wake them up (and) let them know we’re not the North Forsyth that we were.” Senior offensive lineman Brent Grab on breaking North’s reputation of the past.

South Forsyth

“They’re both great kids. They’re both great football players. After that, there’s not a lot of similarities. Well, I take that back: Neither one of them talk real loud.” Head coach Jeff Arnette comparing senior defensive end Jamal Camp to his brother Jalen, who’s now at Georgia Tech.

West Forsyth's Derek Hughes speaks during the 2018 Forsyth Sports Media Day. - photo by Ben Hendren
West Forsyth

“I definitely think our defense has prepared our offense more this season. With all the people that (defensive coordinator Bill Ballard is) bringing, we can go anywhere from three to eight people. It helps our offense adjust well and it’s going to help us during the regular season.” Senior fullback Derek Hughes on how the offense has benefited from the defense.

Forsyth Central

“I always kind of thought, ‘That’s kind of silly, The Process. What does that mean?’ Well, I’m living that right now… (We’re) living that process, and I think that’s what kids are being drawn to a little bit. You see what the 76ers did – I hope that ends with us being in the playoffs like they’ve done.” Head coach Frank Hepler, comparing the Bulldogs’ situation to the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and their rebuild.