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‘One in a million’: Holbrook's half-court shot was ESPN’s play of the week
Brady Holbrook
North Forsyth Middle School eighth-grader Brady Holbrook's last-second, game-winning shot was broadcast by ESPN's SportsCenter. - photo by Jacob Smith

North Forsyth Middle School eighth-grade basketball player Brady Holbrook received a text from a seventh-grade basketball player Friday night.

"Turn your TV on and change the channel to ESPN."

Holbrook flipped the channel to ESPN and saw something strange. It was the North Forsyth Middle School gym. Not only that, it was his team playing against cross-county rival South Forsyth from the night before. The game where Holbrook sank a half-court, game-winning shot as time expired.

 Without any warning, Holbrook was on ESPN’s daily recap show SportsCenter as their number one play of the day and stayed the top play through their Saturday morning episode. 

“Everybody has been going up to me saying ‘Nice shot,’” Holbrook said. “Getting a lot of DMs on Instagram and Snapchat.” 

Holbrook’s coach, Joshua Day, said that though this shot was “one in a million,” it was not a fluke. In fact, it was the exact play he called. 

Holbrook started underneath the goal farthest away from the inbounder. One of his teammates was set at the top of the 3-point arc to set a down screen for Holbrook as he sprinted down the court to grab the inbound pass. With 0.7 seconds left on the clock, Day’s message for Holbrook was simple. 

“Told Brady to throw the shot up and win the game,” Day said. 

Day sent a video clip of the shot to a personal friend who works with Fox 5 Atlanta. They ran the clip and it continued to climb until its appearance on ESPN. 

“It’s just cool to be everywhere. All over the country, I guess,” Holbrook said. 

Holbrook added that he’s no stranger to having the ball in his hands late in the game. He likes knowing his coach trusts him to run the offense with the game on the line. 

“Every single thing that he does, he wants it done well,” Day said. “As talented as he is, nobody has a bigger motor than Brady.”

Holbrook also plays football and baseball for North Forsyth and said that his favorite is whichever one he’s playing at the time. He added that being an athlete “puts me in my happy place” and focuses his concentration on the goal at hand. 

Day said that opponents better continue to watch out for Holbrook. Though he can be a class clown sometimes, he has seen a humble side of Holbrook following the national attention that impresses him. 

“Brady has always been the guy that people like to be around,” Day said. “He is a fun-loving kid. It’s amazed me to see a 14-year old get this much publicity as he has and handle it with as much grace as he is. He has never stopped being Brady.”

North Forsyth Middle School is 4-1 this school year. Holbrook and his teammates hope to hoist the region trophy at the end of the season.