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SEC Banter: Really South's oldest rivalry?
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With just three regular season weeks remaining in the nation’s finest football conference, let’s tour the league with odds and ends, astute observations, and predictions, SEC Banter style.

The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.

Georgia travels to Auburn to rekindle "The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry." I always thought seafood gumbo vs. Brunswick stew was a great Southern rivalry, but extensive research could not determine when that rivalry began, so the claim of Deep South’s oldest rivalry resides with Georgia/Auburn.

The rivalry is old indeed. Georgia and Auburn first squared off back in 1389. And to think that the series is all tied up after so many years. 

It’s undisputed that the rivalry is old, but I wonder about the "deep south" part. What constitutes the Deep South? Is there a shallow south? How about a deep north?  Goodness gracious, if there is a deep north, I sure don’t want to go there. 

This is all very confusing.

In any event, SEC Banter predicts Auburn’s impressive turnaround continues and the Dawgs’ SEC East title hopes end on the plains. Auburn 41, UGA 30.

Last Week’s Predictions.

SEC Banter made history last week. It was the first time that I hit a score precisely on the head, predicting Alabama’s 38-17 win over LSU. Even more exciting is that my dead-on prediction and a $1.85 gets me a tall coffee at Starbucks.

I was on-point with other calls as well and am back to take full credit. I nailed Vandy’s upset of Florida. And the winner of Texas A&M-Mississippi State sported a maroon-and-white color scheme, just as I predicted.

I have another bold prediction this week: there is no way that Arkansas, LSU, Texas A&M, Missouri, or Tennessee lose on Saturday. In fact, if any of those teams lose, I’ll do the unthinkable and devote next week’s colum entirely to – gasp – ACC football.

Harry S. Truman.

Vanderbilt’s win over Florida last Saturday was the Commodores’ first at Florida since 1945, when Harry S. Truman was president. Alabama’s 38 points against LSU were the most the Tide has scored in that series since 1947. Harry S. Truman, of course, was also president then. 

Chevy Chase aficionados will recall the scene from the 1985 classic film, "Fletch," in which Chase’s Fletch character introduced himself as Harry S. Truman, proclaiming that his parents were big fans of the former president. 

"Fletch" is not only one of the hands-down best movies of all-time, it’s also my wife’s favorite movie.  In fact, upon learning that it was her favorite movie, I promptly proposed. 

To recap: Vanderbilt and Alabama accomplish something for the first time since the 1940s. I think of Harry S. Truman. Then "Fletch."  Then my wife. 

The perfectly reasonable or, depending on your world view, tortured mind of SEC Banter. 

This Week’s Predictions.

Besides the classic rivalry between gumbo and Brunswick stew, here’s how SEC Banter sees Saturday’s other games shaping up.

Alabama will continue its roll to Atlanta and dismantle Mississippi State, 42-10.

Ole Miss will not be fooled by the Trojan horse tactics of Troy and prevail, 45-17.

In the least anticipated "Spurrier Faces His Old Team Oh Wow Will This Be Dramatic" matchup ever, the Gamecocks will chomp the Gators, 27-13.

Vanderbilt will come out sloppy against Kentucky but pull away late in a 28-16 win.

Best of luck to your SEC team this Saturday. I can’t wait to honcho some seafood gumbo, see how it rivals a little Brunswick stew and enjoy The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. All with "Fletch" playing simultaneously on another TV, of course.

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