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Creations and libations: craft bar opens in Vickery Village

Pinterest-inspired art hangs from every wall in the studio, the shop’s tables covered in brown craft paper with painted mason jars that double as paintbrush holders accenting the workspace.

Even the bar in the back of the store is decorated, inviting patrons to grab a drink as they work.

Pinspiration, Vickery Village’s newest store, opened Friday, June 9, after months of preparation.

The shop, an art studio and bar, is the second of its kind, though the first in Georgia.

The original store, based in Phoenix, Arizona, was established two years ago by Brooke Roe, a 40-year-old mother of two.

Her sister, Tiffany Frick, runs the Vickery location, having relocated to west Forsyth in December to continue her sister’s passion, per the suggestion of one of the mixed-use development’s owners who frequented the Phoenix location.

Though not corporately affiliated with Pinterest – a visual social network where people create and share images of crafts, recipes, fashion, hairstyles and myriad other ideas – the store draws its name, and its crafts, from the website.

Frick said her sister, a kindergarten teacher, first opened the Phoenix store after realizing crafting could be easier.

“She was always using Pinterest because she wanted craft ideas for her kids and for her classroom,” Frick said. “One day, she just thought, ‘Why is there not a place already to do all of this stuff?’ It’s crazy having to run to five different stores to find materials for one project and then if you need ribbon for something and you buy a whole role, what are you going to do with the rest of that ribbon?

“If you’re just an average person at home, you’re probably not going to use it all up, and when you go out to get those materials, sometimes it ends up being way more expensive because you don’t know the right places or you’re buying too much.”

To alleviate the over-buying and over-spending problems, Pinspiration offers about 60 craft ideas with the materials already bought and ready for use.

Frick hangs a project on the studio's wall
- photo by Isabel Hughes
Patrons choose what craft they’d like to make – each is customizable – and the project is priced from there.

Frick said the crafts currently run from $16-$65.

“You don’t even have to be crafty to come here,” she said. “Honestly, most of the people that say, ‘I’m not crafty at all. I don’t know if I can do this,’ they’re the ones that end up surprising me so much.

“They just do their own thing and they get so creative and that’s what I love about this store. Your inner creativeness comes out and it just flows so freely and I feel like when you’re an adult, you don’t get to do that as much as when you’re a kid.”

While the store offers children’s projects, it is catered more towards adults, offering beer, wine, mimosas, and most recently, sake, to its patrons.

“Adults can come here and be kids,” Frick said. “Everyone loves the concept of alcohol and craft time – they definitely go hand-in-hand.”

In addition to individual crafts, Pinspiration offers group events, which Frick said have ranged from baby showers to birthdays, “down to having a divorce party in Arizona.”

“We’ve literally done it all,” she said, “and you get to make memories with people.”