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How nearly 30 Chihuahuas were adopted in less than 3 days

A surprise influx of nearly 30 dogs ranging from newborns to 5 years old that were brought to the Forsyth County Animal Shelter could have been a struggle for the shelter, but luckily all found homes within days.

Last weekend, 28 Chihuahuas were surrendered to the shelter, though thanks to partnerships, social media and rescue groups, all of the dogs were adopted or taken in by rescues within just three days.

“They were able to barely even be in the shelter,” said Cynthia Iacopella, manager of the shelter. “They came in and were examined, and we reached out to one of our partners, and they were here within, like, an hour to pick them up. With newborn puppies in a shelter, it’s always safer for them to go to a home. We don’t adopt out any animal until it is at least eight weeks of age and make sure that they’re healthy.”

Iacopella said the dogs were brought in by a family that had started with just three of the dogs and had “became a bit overwhelmed and reached out for help.”

“We triaged them, and they were all in relatively good health, so we got them vaccinated and cleaned up a bit, then they were available for adoption and rescue,” she said “Within two days, everybody was adopted.”

Iacopella said the quick turnaround was “a happy ending to a lot of dogs” and said about half of the dogs were adopted with the rest going to rescues.

“Through networking and social media posting, our rescue partners were waiting for us on Tuesday to help us get the dogs all placed,” Iacopella said. “That’s predominately how the word spread.”

The reason the rescue waited until Tuesday to come, Iacopella said, was because the shelter is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

While the 28 dogs were able to find homes, Iacopella said there are still plenty of animals available for adoption at the shelter.

“We always have animals in need of homes at the shelter,” she said. “We have about 20 dogs up for adoption and probably 50-60 cats. We also have our Pups with Purpose program down at the jail [a program where inmates train dogs from the shelter], where the new class just went in, so stay tuned to that website for when they become available.”

The shelter charges an $85 adoption fee that includes age-appropriate vaccinations, microchipping and spaying and neutering. More information, including profiles for adoptable animals and volunteer opportunities, is available at