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YouTuber MrBeast films dog adoption story at Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters
MrBeast Video Adoptee
One Furkids visitor poses with her newly-adopted pup.

Popular Youtuber MrBeast posted a video on Thursday, July 23, where he helped adopt rescued dogs from Forsyth County-based Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters, quickly gaining more than 11 million views in less than one day and reaching the No. 1 trending spot on YouTube. 

Jimmy Donaldson, who is known online as MrBeast, is known for his videos where he sets intense challenges for himself and his friends. With nearly 40 million subscribers, he also shows an immense amount of generosity in his videos, usually offering money or other gifts to those involved in his videos. 

“MrBeast has said his mission is to make the world a better place before he dies,” Furkids CEO and founder Samantha Shelton said. “Furkids makes the world a better place for homeless dogs and cats who have been abandoned, lost, injured or sick. Our goals are aligned, and Furkids was profoundly honored to have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with MrBeast and his extraordinary team. It was a thrilling, intensely emotional experience for us, and we are so grateful to MrBeast for making this project a part of Furkids history.” 

During this video, which took nine months to film, MrBeast and some of his friends started a marketing campaign beginning on July 6 to try to help find homes for all of the dogs from one Furkids shelter. The first billboard that he put up to advertise Furkids adoptions was on Scenic Highway in Suwanee, and then over the next few days, ads started to pop up on 49 billboards all over metro Atlanta. Furkids also did some work campaigning for adoptions online through their social media platforms. 

MrBeast also worked with shelter staff to groom the dogs and help get them ready for potential adoptive families coming into the shelter to meet them. They ended up adopting out 14 rescued dogs earlier this month. 

Unaware of MrBeast’s involvement, adoptive families came in to take their new little doggo home and were surprised when the YouTuber greeted them in front of a camera. The families were also in for an even greater surprise: a $10,000 gift from MrBeast as a thank you for adopting from the shelter. 

On Twitter, MrBeast said that the Furkids video is one of his favorite videos he has ever made. 

“What a great opportunity to help people understand the urgent need for animal rescue and tell the Furkids story to an entirely new audience — sharing our lifesaving work in rescuing homeless cats and dogs, healing them physically and emotionally and matching them with loving families in their forever homes,” Shelton said.