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Chattahoochee Elementary receives appreciation box as part of national giveaway
Teachers Rock Supply Giveaway honors more than 500 schools across the US
Chattahoochee Elementary
Chattahoochee Elementary School recently received an appreciation box as part of the Teachers Rock Supply Giveaway from Round Room LLC through its TCC stores.

Round Room LLC through its TCC stores donated appreciation boxes to more than 500 schools across the U.S. 

The company’s eighth annual Teachers Rock Supply Giveaway took place during the week of Feb. 15 to show support for teachers who are juggling many education hurdles caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Since 2014, TCC has donated more than 40,000 supply packs to deserving teachers across the country.

Each participating TCC store partnered with a local, deserving school to donate supply packs that are valued at more than $360 each. The appreciation packs include many virtual and in-person teaching essentials including snacks, permanent markers, tissue packs, sticky notes, coffee, hand sanitizer and more.

Among the 24 schools in Georgia that received a supply pack from TCC was Chattahoochee Elementary School.

“Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers have had to balance a whole new list of concerns,” said Scott Moorehead, CEO of Round Room, parent company of TCC. “About three-fourths of the 100 largest school districts are on complete remote learning, and a little over a quarter of all districts began the year with a hybrid approach. Despite the challenges and changes they are facing, our teachers continue to put forth their best effort to positively influence our youth. It is more important than ever that we show our deep appreciation for their efforts.”

Round Room operates 1,241 TCC and Wireless Zone stores across 43 states.