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Five-year-old girl plans to donate her hair on her birthday
Lauren Lipman
Lauren Lipman from Canton, GA plans to donate her hair to Hair We Share, an organization that makes wigs for those affected by medical hair loss. Lauren will be donating her hair on her sixth birthday. - photo by For the FCN

Lauren Lipman’s birthday wish is not something typical 5-year-olds wish for. This year, Lauren has wished for her hair to be turned into a wig for charity. Lauren’s charity of choice is Hair We Share, an organization that strives to help kids and adults affected by medical hair loss maintain dignity, confidence and self-esteem.

Like all 5-year-olds, Lauren asked her mother an interesting question; she wanted to know if people could donate their organs while they were still alive. Lauren’s mother, Maggie Lipman, explained to her daughter that donating hair was a fantastic way to help those in need.

After watching some documentaries online about donating hair and finding Hair We Share, Lauren decided that she wanted a haircut for her birthday. Her mother then contacted Hair We Share and began a donation page to help Lauren fulfill her birthday wish.

Lauren will be cutting her hair at the Punk & Poet Cut and Color Co. in north Forsyth on Monday, Nov. 16, her 6th birthday. Kendra Rubin, owner and stylist at the salon, said how excited she was to be able to help Lauren and cut and color her hair.

This is the first time that the Punk & Poet Cut and Color Co. have hosted a donation event, and they are excited to celebrate their first venture with Lauren and her family.

“If people would like to donate their hair, we’d love to be the place where they do it,” Rubin said. “We’re really excited to contribute to an organization where wigs are given to the people that need them.”

Lauren’s mother Maggie said that she had first come across the Punk & Poet Cut and Color Co. from an advertisement on social media. The Lipman family is from Canton, but after speaking with Kendra about her daughter’s idea about her fundraiser and haircut, Maggie felt the Punk & Poet Cut and Color Co. was the perfect hair salon.

While Maggie Lipman is a little nervous there will be some tears once the big chop has been made, Lauren assured that she will be alright. Like Rapunzel, Lauren was tired of always having to “brush brush brush” her hair, and she was excited to cut it short.

Lauren was also excited to donate her hair so that kids and adults could have a wig.

“I wanted to have more friends,” Lauren said, “And I wanted no people making fun of other people.”

The driving force behind Lauren’s donation and fundraiser was her personal kindness. Maggie expressed that her daughter had a very “giving spirit” and that it seemed natural and easy to get her excited about donating her hair. Rubin had similar thoughts, stating that she and her staff are “psyched about her coming.”

Come Monday, Nov. 16, Lauren will be sporting a new, shorter look and hopefully some “rainbow unicorn colors” to boot.

Lauren has also raised over $1,000 through her fundraiser for Hair We Share to ensure that her ponytail will have enough funds to be made into a wig. To donate or learn more about Lauren’s story, please visit