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FoCo4Frontliners project unveiled to recognize health care workers
Sign Donated to Northside Forsyth

This week the Forsyth County Chamber launched the FoCo4Frontliners project. COVID-19 showcased the courage and dedication of many in our community, but perhaps the most critical and self-sacrificing of all are Forsyth County’s frontline medical personnel. 

FoCo4Frontliners was created to thank the brave members of our health care sector, beginning with the 3,200 employees at Northside Hospital Forsyth. The FoCo4Frontliners fund will

provide each employee with an official FoCo4Frontliners T-shirt. These shirts have been approved by Northside Hospital administration to wear at work. Additionally, the project strives to provide as many staff members as possible with Visa gift cards to show appreciation to these individual healthcare workers. 

Mary Helen McGruder, who helped spearhead the project, presented details to the BOC at the regular meeting on Thursday, March 4. McGruder highlighted the hard work that medical personnel has been demonstrating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Our hospital workers every day have gone in where they know there’s danger, and they’ve willingly gone…” McGruder said. “And we want to recognize them.”

McGruder said she and Lynn Jackson, chief operating officer of Northside Hospital Forsyth, worked together to find something they could give to the health care workers who were risking their own health at work every day. 

“Oddly enough, the thing [the health care workers] liked the best were T-shirts,” McGruder said. 

The T-shirts all have the Northside Hospital Forsyth logo on them that health care workers can wear in place of scrubs. 

“There is never going to be a donation that’s too small,” McGruder said. “If we have children that would like to help us collect pennies, do lemonade stands or whatever children find to do in these times, we’d be grateful for any support.”

Businesses, civic organizations, homeowners’ associations and individuals are all invited to contribute to show collective support for those supporting Forsyth County’s most vulnerable during the pandemic. 

Donations to the FoCo4Frontliners fund can be made by visiting Donations are being managed by the North Georgia Community Foundation to ensure that all donations are tax deductible for the donor. 

“As the husband of a nurse, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to [Mary Helen McGruder] for taking on this project,” District 2 Commissioner Alfred John said in the BOC meeting. “Thousands and thousands of health care workers, in spite of fear and danger, went into work. Many of them went into ICUs and took care of some of the sickest patients.”

Donations can be made via check and should be made out to the North Georgia Community Foundation and marked for the FoCo4Frontliners fund. Checks should be mailed to: North Georgia Community Foundation, 615 Oak Street, Suite 1500, Gainesville, GA 30401. 

All FoCo4Frontliner Champions will be showcased at

For additional questions about this initiative, contact the Forsyth Chamber at or 770-887-6461.