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How this Forsyth County business owner is spreading joy one sign at a time
Sign Donated to Northside Forsyth

Medical workers at Northside Hospital Forsyth work nearly nonstop to help patients during a pandemic that has shocked the world, showing up every day prepared to work long hours in a crowded hospital. A few days ago, however, nurses driving into the parking lot noticed a small, but impactful change.

They spotted a brightly displayed sign outside of the hospital that stated, “Heroes work here,” in giant red, white and blue letters.

Medical workers and community members soon started posting pictures of the sign on social media, thankful for the show of positivity and gratitude for those on the front lines of fighting off the virus in the community.

The sign was donated by Diana Moore, the owner of Card My Yard of Alpharetta, a small independent business that she runs while taking care of her three kids at home. At Card My Yard, Moore creates signs from home for clients who usually order one for birthday parties or other events, but Moore realized that, in light of the pandemic, she could use the signs for good.

Moore admitted that her family has been especially “blessed” during this time of need. Her husband is able to work from home, her three kids are currently attending school online and her business has taken off in recent weeks with more orders for signs than usual.

“What’s happening is people are having to cancel birthday parties and outings and overnights and so they’re wanting to do something a little bit extra,” Moore said. “They still want to celebrate.”

Moore said that drive-by birthday parties have grown into popularity in recent weeks as people are quarantined indoors, so residents have started to go all out on decorations for the outside of their homes. She has started creating online invites that clients can send to their friends and family saying to drive by the house during a certain time and honk and make some noise or take a photo with the decorations as a way to celebrate. Moore is even making a couple of signs this week for birthdays that say, “Eighteen and quarantined.”

Because of her family’s recent success, she wanted to give back to the community and put up signs for those still having to work outside of their homes and for other local businesses. Her first thought went to Northside Hospital in Forsyth County to pay tribute to the medical workers.

“I kind of just did it without permission because it was so hard to get permission and get someone to return my call, and I thought, ‘You know what, I’m just going to throw it up and ask for forgiveness rather than permission,'" Moore said.

Thankfully, the sign was a welcome sight to those walking into and coming out of the hospital. Moore has gotten a wave of positive feedback online from the community and from nurses, the very people that she put up the sign for.

“Somebody posted — I can’t remember; I don’t know if she’s a nurse there — but she posted it on her page last night, and I just happen to come across it. And there were like 2,000 likes on her post and then 50-some people shared it," she said.

One comment on a Facebook post stood out most to Moore. It was from a nurse who said that she was anxious about going into work that morning, but the sign lifted her spirits. Moore was excited to see almost immediately that the sign was actually making the impact that she wanted it to.

Now, Moore plans to take the sign at Northside Hospital down and move it to other areas in the community where it may bring some positive energy to even more medical workers.

The sign at the hospital is the only one that Moore has donated so far as she is short on supplies at home, but she plans to donate more to the community and local businesses soon. She has an idea for one sign for the community already: “Spread joy, not germs.”

Moore has also partnered with a Chick-fil-A in Roswell, and she has set up a sign outside of the location that simply says, “We love you, Roswell.” She said the sign has been up for an entire week now, and she would be happy to see more of her signs bringing positivity into the community during what seems like a dark time. In the meantime, she is still thinking up different ideas for where to place signs in the area.

“I just want to be strategic because obviously not a lot of people are out and about, and it’s not about promoting my business, it’s really about just really showing the community support," Moore said.

Moore appreciates everything that the community has done to support her family and her business, and she said that now her family is ready to give back.

“We just want to pay it forward and stake joy all around the community,” Moore said.