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More than 600 boxes of Narcan donated ahead of Christmas

A recent Christmas part included some potentially life-saving gifts.

During a Christmas party with Century 21 real estate agents on Tuesday, Dec. 14, members of Realty for Recover showed off more than 600 boxes of Narcan, a medicine designed to combat the effects of opiate overdose, that were purchased thanks to donations and will be given to first responders and others in the community who may need the medicine.

“I was wanting to show the realtors what their support for realty for recovery has done in our community,” said Jennifer Hodge co-founder of Realty for Recovery, an organization that connects real estate agents with clients looking to sell their homes in exchange for realtors agreeing to donate a percentage of their commission to addiction recovery efforts.

Hodge began Realty4Recovery with her son, Robbie, who died of an overdose at the age of 23 in 2016 after taking a counterfeit Xanax he bought from someone he knew. 

She said Narcan is currently in short supply and cost about $150 for each box

“Right now, Narcan is in short supply across the country, and we don’t need a shortage of Narcan, so what I have is like gold to somebody that needs it,” Hodge said.

With the holiday season in full swing, Hodge said it was a particularly hard time of the year for those dealing with drug addiction and she was planning to make the donations before Christmas.

“Christmas is a tough week for addiction, so I just want the parents to know, if you want it, you’ve got it all you got to do is ask,” she said.

Hodge said addiction is often kept quiet within families and Forsyth County has unique challenges with the issue.

“There’s a big need for it,” she said. “Everybody’s scared to death about what’s happening in our country and our area. Forsyth County, being one of the top-20 wealthiest counties in the country, drug dealers target our area, and that’s a fact. They target us.”

Hodge said along with first responders, she will also be given Narcan to parents in the community who need it. Hodge can be contacted at 678-793-1303, and more information about Realty4Recovery is available at