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5 places to order a sweet treat for Valentine's Day
valentines day stock
Photo by Sheri Silver, Unsplash.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's time to start looking for those chocolate goodies and desserts to help make the day that much sweeter. 

Check out some of these places in Forsyth County where you can order a heartfelt and edible gift for your friends, family and partners.

Hot Bomb Mom

hot bomb mom
Oatmeal hot chocolate bombs. Photo courtesy Hot Bomb Mom.

Not only does the Hot Bomb Mom specialize in hot chocolate bombs, but she'll also be serving up some carefully crafted chocolate goodies this Valentine's season. Some featured items include:

  • Cupid's Brunch: Two oatmeal bombs and four chocolate covered strawberries;
  • Little Love Box: Two hot cocoa bombs, four chocolate covered strawberries and four chocolate pretzel rods;
  • Breakable Hearts: Extra large heart filled with chocolates. Mini hammer included.

For more information about the Hot Bomb Mom or to order some chocolate goodies, click here.

Contact: 678-544-7962, Facebook.

Sweet Peach Confections

sweet peach confections
Netflix and Chill cookie set. Photo courtesy Sweet Peach Confections.

Check out Sweet Peach Confections; cookie gift sets for a sweet treat to give family, friends, partners and more.

  • Cookie Gift Sets;
  • Smashable Chocolate Heart Boxes.

For more information about Sweet Peach Confections or to order some cute cookies, click here.

Contact: 678-467-3969, Facebook.

Oh Sugar! 

oh sugar
Photo courtesy Oh Sugar!

Pick up a perfectly-packaged jar of cookies from Oh Sugar! for anyone in your life with a sweet tooth. Jars come in a variety of different holiday wrappings with flavors like: 

  • Chocolate chip;
  • Whipped butter;
  • Brownie crisp;
  • And confetti cupcake.

For more information about Oh Sugar! or to order a jar of homemade cookies, click here.

Contact: 678-393-6408, Facebook.

Shellibellis Sweets

shellibellis sweets
Strawberry-filled vanilla cupcake with strawberry drizzle. Photo courtesy Shellibellis Sweets.

Shelli from Shellibellis Sweets is covering everything in chocolate this year to satisfy yours and your partner's sweet tooth. Some Valentine's Day specials include:

  • Chocolate covered strawberries;
  • Chocolate covered Oreos;
  • Chocolate covered pretzels and pretzel rods;
  • Cupcakes;
  • Short roses with berries (with proper notice for this item).

For more information about Shellibellis Sweets, send a message through Facebook or Instagram.

Contact: 408-489-3976, Instagram, Facebook.

Popbar Alpharetta

popbar alpharetta
Photo courtesy Popbar Alpharetta.

Pre-order some customizable pops from Popbar Alpharetta, giving your friends, family or partner a frosty surprise. Some of the most popular items this season include:

  • V-Day Hot Chocolate POP-O-Gram: Three or six premium hot chocolate flavors, Valentine's sprinkles, marshmallows and custom packaging;
  • V-Day Kid's Heart: Add a sweet note along with six chocolate covered strawberries topped with Valentine's Day sprinkles;
  • Popbar 6 Pack: All natural, hand-crafted and preservative-free gelato and sorbet on a stick. For local pickup and delivery only.

For more information about Popbar Alpharetta or to order some delicious pops, click here

Contact: 470-294-2910, Facebook.