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“Always a fresh take”: Crumbl Cookies opening in Dawson County
Crumbl Cookies is known for its unique specialty cookie flavors and ever-rotating cookie menu. (Photos courtesy of Lance Jeffreys)

The newest location of Crumbl Cookies will officially open in Dawson County on Friday, March 4, bringing its unique specialty flavors, ever-rotating menu and giant, made-from-scratch cookies to the community. 

The Dawson County Crumbl, located at 12 Dawson Market Way Suite 200, will be the third location opened by co-owners Lance Jeffreys and James Griffin, who also own the Cumming and Alpharetta locations of the nationwide company. Jeffreys said that they first fell in love with the brand when they were on a business trip to Arizona in 2019 and stumbled across a Crumbl store. 

“We were driving along the road and James spotted Crumbl Cookies out of the corner of his eye and we said ‘I love cookies, let's go check it out’, so we went in and we were just blown away,” Jeffreys said. “This store was white and modern and crisp and clean, and the cookies in the display were just so big and beautiful and huge.” 

The pair sampled several of the cookie flavors and were impressed by how great each one tasted. Soon afterward, they opened their own location in Cumming in 2020, followed by the Alpharetta location in 2021 and now the Dawson location in 2022.

The Crumbl menu consists of giant, handmade cookies that are baked fresh each day in the store. The menu offers six flavor options that change weekly, allowing for a new experience each week. 

“We always have chocolate chip and chilled sugar, and then the other four rotate in and out,” Jeffreys said. “We have a menu of well over 100 rotating selections.” 

The weekly four flavors change can be anything from banana cream pie to red velvet to the store’s popular cornbread cookie, Griffin said. The new menu posts each week on Sunday at 8 p.m., and he said that Crumbl fans eagerly wait to see what cookies will be on the menu each week. 

“Our menu is secret; it releases every Sunday at 8 p.m. on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, and it’s kind of like it’s part of people’s natural Sunday routine now to see what the cookies are,” Griffin said. ““It’s only six cookies but it’s such a variety where you have chocolate, you have cinnamon, you have lemon, you have all the variety that you want… so it’s always a fresh take.”

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Co-owners Lance Jeffreys and James Griffin own the Cumming and Alpharetta Crumbl locations, making the Dawson store their third location. (Photo courtesy of Lance Jeffreys)

“Truly, people love it because everything is so fresh it tastes so wonderful,” Jeffreys said. “The banana cream pie has fresh-sliced bananas, the lemon poppyseed has a fresh-sliced lemon — everything is always fresh.” The cookies are baked from scratch at the store every day with fresh ingredients, which is one thing that both Griffin and Jeffreys said makes a huge difference. 

The Dawson store includes many options to order cookies, including a self-order kiosk which allows guests to build their own virtual box of cookies and customize it with whatever combination of flavors they want before placing their order through the kiosk. Guests can also order their cookies at the front register or through the app for pickup, either in-store or curbside in one of the two parking spots marked specifically for that purpose. 

The store also offers an outside patio area with tables and chairs for guests to relax and enjoy their cookies. 

In addition to the cookies, Crumbl also offers several flavors of “Crumbl Cream” ice cream, as well as dozens of options for smaller-sized catering cookies.

Jeffreys and Griffin said that they’ve worked for a long time to get the Dawson location open, so to see it finally ready to open is incredibly rewarding. 

“I’m so excited; we've been working on this new location for over a year so it’s really exciting to see it come to fruition,” Jeffreys said. “This week we’re finishing our final inspections, final touches, and next week we’ll move into training, and then we’ll move into that grand opening week, so it’s just really exciting.” 

Both owners are from small towns with close-knit communities, which is one of the many things they said drew them to Dawson County. 

“We’re both from small towns and grew up that way, and we both wanted to be here because we love this community and we see the growth and potential of it,” Jeffreys said, “and the people have been really great and really welcoming as well.”

Since they announced that they would be opening in Dawson, Jeffreys and Griffin said that the reception from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. The closer they’ve gotten to opening, the more excitement has built. 

“I put a couple of little ads out in Focus on Dawson, and I was really surprised by the response,” Griffin said. “We’ve had people come by, pop in and just tell us how excited they are.”

In addition to bringing great cookies to Dawson, Crumbl is bringing dozens of jobs with it too. Jeffreys and Griffin said that they are actively hiring and that Crumbl is a fun, fast-paced and exciting place to work for employees of all ages. 

“In Cumming and Alpharetta we have a big amount of high schoolers and college kids, but the other half of that is adults that are being employed which is really cool, so that age group ranges anywhere from 15 up to I’d say close to 70,” Griffin said. “And the employees love it, and it’s a fun, team environment.” 

He added that working at Crumbl is like its own family, and the employees love being a part of it. 

“People love baking, and they love the friendship and really the family that comes with it,” Griffin said. 

The Dawson Crumbl Cookies will officially open on Friday, March 4 with a grand opening celebration that will last all day. The celebration will include a DJ, lots of giveaways, and of course the first chance to purchase and try Crumbl cookies for yourself. 

“We’ll have a DJ and be doing all kinds of fun giveaways like sweatshirts, hoodies, cookie cutters, lanyards — all kinds of fun, cool things,” Jeffreys said. “We’ll have our families here, everyone’s here together working, having fun, and it’ll be a party.” 

The grand opening celebration will last from 8 a.m. to midnight on March 4. 

Crumbl’s hours will be Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to midnight, and closed on Sundays. 

To learn more about Crumbl Cookies and to see each week’s menu, visit


The newest location of Crumbl Cookies will open at 12 Dawson Market Way Suite 200 on March 4. - photo by Erica Jones