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‘From our table to yours’: Brazilian butcher shop opens on Buford Highway
Meatbone Market
Douglas Mincey, left, and Amanda Morais had to postpone opening their Brazilian butcher shop, Meatbone Market, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, they are open and ready to serve residents of Forsyth County. - photo by Ashlyn Yule

Merriam-Webster defines “churrasco” as “beef broiled on a spit over an open fire or grilled under an oven flame.” 

For Amanda Morais, a Forsyth County resident from Brazil, churrasco is so much more. Churrasco is a “time for friends and family to gather and eat delicious foods.”

Morais and her husband, Douglas Mincey, recently opened Meatbone Market, a butcher shop “created for people who are passionate about meat and want to enjoy the true and best butcher experience.” 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple had to postpone the opening of the store. 

But Meatbone Market is now open for business and serving up “prime quality meats, unpacked and fresh, to serve at any size, type and cut.”

How it began

Mincey was 17 when he began his professional journey, starting at a grocery store sweeping, breaking down boxes and mopping. He eventually worked his way up to “meat-cutting” and discovered his true passion. 

“At first, it was a real learning experience,” Mincey said. “Now, though, I’m highly confident in what I do, my attention to detail, and I am very particular in how I want things done, especially when it comes to meat-cutting.”

“I’ve enjoyed doing it,” he said. “After a while, I knew what I was doing and was able to help people confidently.” 

Years later, when Mincey met Morais and the two fell in love and got married,

He said that she is inspired by her “businesswoman” of a mother, she has always had to “have [her] own thing.” 

She has been doing makeup for weddings, but when Mincey “opened up” to her one day about his idea of owning a butcher shop, she hopped on board.

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Meatbone Market
Meatbone Market is a local butcher shop and grocery store that sells both American and Brazilian meats and goods including picanha steak, chicken hearts, cheese and garlic bread. - photo by Ashlyn Yule

Building a business 

Being from Brazil, Morais was able to bring her personal background and culture to her husband’s idea, incorporating churrasco meats like chicken hearts and picanha to Meatbone Markets’ menu. 

“The picanha is the most famous cut in Brazil,” she said. “Every churrasco that you do with your friends has to have the picanha.

“It’s kind of similar to a tri-tip,” Morais said. “It’s a triangular piece of meat and it’s very flavorful. It has the fat on top of it that brings a lot of flavor for the meat. It’s not tender at all because it doesn’t have much muscles inside of it, so it’s very soft to eat.”

Speaking from personal experience, Morais wanted to include some Brazilian favorites and “goodies” so that the Brazilian community in Forsyth County would have a familiar place to shop for groceries and tastes of home. 

She said that when she was living in Buford, she would have to “plan a whole trip” to Marietta each time she wanted to grocery shop because she could only get certain Brazilian items there. 

“I’m just looking forward to bringing something like this to the community,” Mincey said. 

“It’s good to have something here for our Brazilian community around us,” Morais said. “And I hope that the [American community] will want to come try some [meats and goodies]. They’re so delicious.” 

Along with the picanha and chicken hearts, which Morais said “some people might not like as much” but were popular “in Brazilian churrasco,” Meatbone Market will also offer Brazilian goods like ready-to-eat cheese and garlic bread. 

Meatbone Market will also be selling “ready-to-go” foods like macaroni and cheese, lasagna and casseroles so that people can pick up “homemade” dinners when they aren’t feeling any culinary inspiration for meals.

“Me … when I’m tired, I don’t want to eat anything from a restaurant,” Morais said. “I want some homemade food, but I don’t want to cook, you know. I’m tired, I don’t want to cook.”

While Meatbone Market will be selling a variety of goods both Brazilian and American, Morais and Mincey want to make sure that each customer “feels special with their orders” and that they’re well taken care of.

“One of our slogans … that we feel from the heart is: ‘From our table to your table,’” Morais said. 

“Everything we put in here has been really picked out, things that we love, things that we eat at home. Everything that we’re doing we’re doing with a lot of love and passion. We want you to feel at home [here].”

Meatbone Market is at 1345 Buford Highway in Cumming and can be reached at 404-421-3207 or on Instagram at @meatbonemarket, or online at

Meatbone Market
Meatbone Market is a local butcher shop and grocery store that sells both American and Brazilian meats and goods including picanha steak, chicken hearts, cheese and garlic bread. - photo by Ashlyn Yule