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Lake Burrito taking ‘good food, good vibes’ on the road
Lake Burrito
Lake Burrito is ready to hit the road with its new trailer made for catering. - photo by Ashlyn Yule

Lake Burrito — a local and fresh Mexican joint — is ready to hit the road with its new trailer made for catering.

Lake Burrito is owned and operated by three siblings: Paris Retana and his twin sisters Alicia and Mildred. The storefront has been open for five years off Keith Bridge Road in north Forsyth County.

Last year the eatery suffered a hit when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Thankfully, due to the community’s efforts to help keep the restaurant afloat, Lake Burrito is on steady ground and is looking to remake the connections they lost.

Paris said that while the dine-in option is currently available for customers, most people order online and pick up or come inside for a to-go order.

“We’re hoping that the trailer is going to bring us close to our community again, since we’re going to be out in the open,” Paris said. “We’re going to be able to see our friends again and talk to them. That’s the most exciting thing.”

The trailer is a small compact unit with a kitchen inside, perfect for preparing a fresh plate of nachos or some tacos topped with guacamole.

“[The trailer] is going to give us an opportunity to cook better food,” Mildred said. “Our food is already great but being able to cook it fresh on the spot will bring a better experience for everybody.”

Lake Burrito

Paris and Mildred said they want to stay local, so they are only available for private parties and catering events.

Lake Burrito is no stranger to catering, and Paris said he and his sisters have been bringing burritos and “good vibes” to many events over the years.

“We actually do a lot of weddings,” Mildred said. “We’re hoping we can do even more with the trailer now.”

Weddings, rehearsal dinners, graduations and business luncheons are just some of the types of events the Retanas are hoping to “roll into.”

“We also want to provide for teachers,” Mildred said. “Sometimes [schools] do provide lunch for the teachers, but there’s always the same [type of food.] Now with the cart, I think it would be really cool for teachers to actually get out of the class and enjoy the day and a cool lunch.”

Paris said he’s hoping the trailer will open more doors to private events because of the appeal of hosts “not having to worry about a thing.”

Currently, Lake Burrito does not have servers to help with catering, so the Retanas will set up buffet lines. With the trailer, patrons will be able to walk up and order food, and the restaurant will be able to provide utensils and clean-up services.

“That’s the key — no clean up,” Paris said. “That’s actually probably the best vibes at the party — not having to worry about cleaning up.”

Focusing on vibes is what it’s all about, Paris said, especially “good vibes.”

“Good vibes is what it’s all about, really,” Paris said. “We focus on cooking really good food and sharing good vibes.”

In order to spread good vibes, Paris and Mildred said it’s important to maintain connections with family and friends, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re hoping to bring a happier atmosphere at events,” Paris said. “Seeing smiling faces enjoying our good food — that’s what we’re most excited about.”

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Lake Burrito