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‘We want to give people an experience:’ Campfire Coffee Co. serves 'an adventure' on wheels
Campfire Coffee Co.

According to Campfire Coffee Co., life was meant for adventure, good friends, and a great, flavorful cup of coffee. 

Geanna and Alastair Wilde, self-proclaimed “coffee-enthusiasts,” began their coffee shop adventure a few years ago but hit a snag in getting a “brick-and-mortar” place of their own at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We still wanted to provide people with coffee so we tried to think of something that we could still do that could bring coffee to where people were at,” Geanna Wilde said. “That’s when we started thinking about a mobile coffee shop.”

After a vacation in April and a meet-n-greet with the “cutest little camper ever,” a 1963 Shasta Travel Trailer, Wilde said that they were able to start their business after a quick renovation. 

The Wildes, along with Campfire Coffee Co.’s manager, Dani Sanabria, started taking their coffee shop on wheels to public events, such as an event at Twin Lakes RV Park in Cumming, which, as Sanabria said, “was awesome because it was like a bunch of camper people and coffee people.” 

Campfire Coffee Co. also brought the camper to the Cumming Country Fair & Festival this year, serving up autumnal flavors both warm and iced to guests. 

“We love that our community has noticed us and want us to be part of their events,” Sanabria said. 

During the fair, Sanabria said that she and her coworkers were excited to see people enjoying their coffees and hot chocolates, especially when customers would look down to find the adventure stamped on their cups’ sleeves. 

The adventures are 10 different prompts stamped on each sleeve, and they encourage people to “spark everyday adventure,” whether through picking up a new book or texting a friend they haven’t talked to recently. 

“We just really want people to engage in conversation or to start a new habit that maybe challenges them,” Wilde said. “We believe that adventure is part of everyday life, we just don’t always get to see it.

“The adventures cause us to slow down and find parts of everyday life that you can experience,” she said. “Small actions that we do every day can be an adventure, even if we don’t realize it, because maybe we’re looking for something bigger. But all those small actions can add up and create the grand adventure we call life.”

Campfire Coffee Co.
Campfire Coffee Co. owners Geanna and Alastair Wilde began their coffee shop adventure a few years ago but hit a snag in getting a “brick-and-mortar” place of their own at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though there are only 10 “core adventures” right now, Sanabria said that Campfire Coffee Co. will be releasing new ones for 2022.

“Getting to see people fulfill their adventures in front of us is so cool and meaningful,” Sanabria said. “Just adding a little bit of adventure in peoples’ days and giving people something meaningful and valuable is really important to us, and we love doing it.

“We want to give people more than a cup of coffee,” she said. “We want to give people an experience.”

Starting conversations with people and forming relationships over a “great cup of coffee” is the “heartbeat of Campfire,” according to Wilde, and she hopes that in the new year, they will be able to have a “brick-and-mortar” where people can “engage in friendship and connection with the community.”

“Being able to go to where the community is, is still a big deal,” Wilde said. “To be able to go to … a hospital or a school and honor the workers there is important. We don’t want to lose that, but we do hope to set up something permanent, too.” 

Campfire Coffee Co. is available for hire for both public and private events like HOA meetings, festivals and more. 

The staff serves base coffee flavors like hazelnut, vanilla and caramel, using the GA 400 blend from Peach Coffee Roasters in Johns Creek. 

Sanabria said some flavors, like the Colombian brown sugar, ginger, lavender and cardamom, are also popular, if not “a little weird.”

“We love to create like one specialty menu on our item,” Wilde said. 

During the winter season, Campfire Coffee Co. will be offering holiday flavors like white chocolate, peppermint and matcha. 

For more information about Campfire Coffee Co. or to find out where the camper will be, visit Campfire Coffee at on Facebook or Instagram at @campfiremobilecoffee.

Campfire Coffee Co.
Campfire Coffee Co.’s manager, Dani Sanabria, left, helps serve up coffee to patrons.