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FCN newspapers from 1916-1995 now available in online archive
digital archives

Digitized issues of the Forsyth County News from January 1916 to November 1995 are now available online in the Georgia Historic Newspapers archive and may be accessed free of charge by library cardholders across the state.

"Forsyth County News has reported on local stories since 1908 and we hope that researchers, historians, genealogists, and the community at large will find this expanded collection of online newspapers helpful," says Deputy Director Stephen Kight.

The announcement marks the completion of a second phase in the ongoing digitization project managed jointly by Forsyth County Public Library, Forsyth County News, and the Digital Library of Georgia operated by the Georgia Public Library Service.

"Through Georgia Historic Newspapers, users can access information without having to travel to individual newspaper offices or library archives across the state," Kight said.

"It isn’t even necessary to learn how to use archival equipment or microfilm readers, as all archived newspapers can be searched by keyword or browsed by date and then viewed directly in a web browser with no additional software needed."

Scanning and archiving is managed by the Digital Library of Georgia. Efforts to digitize issues of Forsyth County News through 2012 are expected to continue through 2022.

To access Georgia Historic Newspapers and the Forsyth County News digitization project, please visit