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Here’s how much longer soccer will be at the Polo Fields
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Aerial view of the Polo Fields. (Google Maps)

The United Futbol Academy will likely get another season or two of play out of field space at the Polo Fields.

At a work session this week, Forsyth County Commissioners voted to extend lease and sublease agreements that would keep soccer on the land until May 26, 2021 and up to another year after that.

A new agreement was needed as a previous agreement between the three parties approved in 2015 was due to expire.

“That's a great thing for us,” said District 3 Commissioner Todd Levent, who represents the area. “There was an estimated 1,300 children and 500 adults using that field, so I'm glad to see they buy another year, possibly two. This is excellent.”

For years, Forsyth County has leased the land from owners Michael and Kimberly Domenicone and, in turn, subleased the land to the United Futbol Academy, or UFA, which County Attorney Ken Jarrard said “provided a nice accommodation to the citizens who wanted their kids to be in the soccer facilities out there.”

“This arrangement was coming to an end,” Jarrard said. “My understanding was the Domenicone (family) either are close to having it under contract or may have it under contract at some point and the term was about up. However, I believe that for a variety of reasons, we may have another season or two that we could eke out of this land.”

The county pays $88,000 annually to lease the land and receives $114,000 each year from UFA for their use.

Jarrard said the biggest change in the contract is that any of the three parties can end the agreement with 120 days advance notice.

“The thought of the 120 days is that when that notice comes, if we're in the middle of a season, then the entity will be able to complete the season before the contract shuts down and we have to kick the kids off the soccer field because no one wants to do that in the middle of the season, obviously,” Jarrard said.

The Polo Fields will have the same rules as county parks for social distancing guidelines and other changes associated with COVID-19.

Though the land will continue to be used as a soccer field, there are plans down the line to develop the land.

Lennar Georgia, Inc. has submitted a request to Forsyth County to rezone 39 acres at 5890 Polo Drive and 6045 Majors Road from Restricted Residential District (R2R) to Master Planned District for 141 residential lots with a density of 3.35 units per acre and commercial buildings totaling 24,500 square feet with 288 parking space.

An application for a preliminary zoning review was submitted in February, and Lennar is currently in an applicant work time period.

The Villages at Polo Fields, as the development is called in documents, would be “age-targeted,” likely to the 55-and-older demographic.

Villages at Polo Fields would sit across from Vickery Village, the popular mixed-use area, inside the county’s Vickery Creek Character Area and would be built in four phases – 33 homes in phases 1, 2 and 3 and 32 homes in the last phase -- according to plans. The “single-family detached” homes would adhere to the “village-style character existing within Vickery Creek,” according to documents.

The project would also include restaurant, retail and office space behind Onelife Fitness on Post Road, according to plans.