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A reading revival
Program promotes more than periodic page turning
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Forsyth County News
Residents and volunteers are getting excited about the community's efforts to get Forsyth County cracking the books.
At a kickoff party Thursday at City Hall for Forsyth Reads Together, attendees were treated to dramatic re-enactments from the inaugural book selection, Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express."
"We hope this program will foster a page-turning togetherness in our community," said Nicole McCoy, director of Forsyth County Community Connection. "This is a way to empower the people of our community."
Everett Bennett of Forsyth County attended the kickoff because he got a jump-start on the book while vacationing in Germany. Bennett said he enjoyed the read.
"It's a wonderful choice for the program," he said. "It was difficult to put down."
Bennett also said he enjoyed the re-enactments from segments of the book. Recent Forsyth Central High School graduates Mac Little, Thomas Kelly, Austin Causey and Laurel McCormack dressed in period garb, acting for the crowd of about 45.
"The young people did a great job," Bennett said. "I really enjoyed it."
Forsyth County resident Kelley Bishop also has also gotten involved with the program.
She printed her own flyers and distributed them to co-workers in the home health care industry. And she decided to involve her entire family in the program.
Bishop, her husband, Sonny Lennard, and son, Forest Bishop, are all reading the book. Bishop said her family was reluctant at first, but eventually came around.
"It brings us closer together," said Bishop, who read the first chapter out loud to the family on the patio at their home.
Togetherness is the very idea behind the program, according to event organizers. The program is sponsored chiefly by the Forsyth County Certified Literate Community.
Anticipating high readership across the county, businesses like Barnes & Noble and Humpus Bumpus bookstores have purchased many copies of the classic murder mystery.
Copies also are available in Spanish and audio book formats at the Forsyth County Public Library.
The event will culminate Aug. 12 with a spelling bee for all ages.
As incentive, the first round of words in the spelling bee will come from the Christie novel, said Carla Beasley, director of Forsyth County Certified Literate Community.
Beasley said organizers plan to introduce a new book for the community to read every summer.
The group is seeking volunteers for next summer.