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Abandoned south Forsyth residence destroyed by fire

Authorities say that an abandoned residence burned to the ground on Wednesday afternoon in a remote wooded area near Ronald Reagan Boulevard and Union Hill Road in south Forsyth.

According to Division Chief Jason Shivers of the Forsyth County Fire Department, plumes of smoke from the fire were reported by local residents and commuters in the south Forsyth area late on Wednesday afternoon. 

When first responders arrived on scene at the residence on Union Hill Road, Shivers said that firefighters discovered the residence was well off the roadway, with no driveway or official address and had been long abandoned. 

Using a small trail on the property, fire crews carried hoses out to wooded residence and found it fully engulfed in flames. 

Shivers said that due to remote nature of the residence, the fire had been burning for some time by the time it was reported and fire crews arrived on scene.

After fire crews arrived at the residence the fire was quickly contained and extinguished, Shivers said. 

At this point in their investigation authorities have no information on how the fire originated. 

While extinguishing the fire, one firefighter was transported to Northside Hospital Forsyth with heat exhaustion, Shivers said.