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Annual deer hunt closes southern Lanier parks

LAKE LANIER — An annual archery-only deer hunt organized by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has closed five parks near Buford Dam, on the south end of Lake Lanier, through Thursday.

About 600 acres in Lower Pool, Buford Dam, East Bank, Burton Mill and Lanier parks are cut off to public access.

According to Patrick Robbins chief of public affairs for the Mobile District Corps of Engineers, the sixth annual effort is aimed at thinning the species’ overpopulation in the area.

“It’s good for both humans and the deer because it starts causing car accidents if they need to go looking for food,” Robbins said. “There’s only so much food and so much space available.”

A total of six doe and two bucks are allowed per hunter, from which they can choose whether to keep the meat or donate it.

The hunt closed down other greenspace areas, Robbins said, but those are not part of an official park.

Although peak hunting times occur during the day, the parks will not reopen until the hunt concludes to ensure public safety.

Robbins said no public announcement was made because the hunt is occurring on weekdays and the corps has not received complaints in the past.

About 200 people applied for 14 lottery-chosen spots in the hunt, with preference given to disabled veterans. Each permit holder was allotted one zone and one “hunting buddy.”