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Authorities offer safety tips for spring break
spring break

Hundreds of Forsyth County families will be hitting the roads this weekend headed for vacation destinations as the public school system closes for spring break. 

Students will leave school on Friday, and won’t return to classes until Monday, April 9.

“We wish our staff and students, as well as their families, a restful and safe spring break. We expect everyone to return recharged to have a strong finish for a highly successful school year,” said Jeff Bearden, Forsyth County School Superintendent. 

During the holiday, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office cautioned all travelers to be wary out on the road and to be mindful of how they are securing their homes while away. 

“We tend to have an increase in serious accidents the days before spring break starts, because people are thinking about their vacation and not about the road,” said Cpl. Doug Rainwater with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. 

Rainwater said travelers should expect an increase in traffic on the roads as people leave for vacation, and to take care when driving on major expressways. 

He said people should also be mindful of thieves and burglars that target empty homes this time of year.

“If you are going to travel with your family this year, don’t advertise to the public that you are away. Everyone on social media can see that you are far away and that your house is empty,” he said. 

Rainwater suggested that anyone traveling with their whole family this spring break should have neighbors check on their house periodically, and create the appearance that someone is still home.