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Authorities urge caution, common sense
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Forsyth County News

Want to know how many people plan to travel this Fourth of July weekend?

Just ask Jiffy Lube Manager J.R. Casey. He says travelers pour into the store's location on Hwy. 20 in anticipation of the holiday.

"We get a lot more business on holidays like this," Casey said. "Put it this way: Our business almost doubles."

Casey said he increases the number of mechanics in his shop to prepare for the barrage of weekend travelers seeking oil changes, transmission service or filter replacements.

And he's not alone in preparing for the holiday weekend. Cumming and Forsyth County officials have urged caution among drivers who plan on traveling near and far.

Folks who plan on sticking around for the city's festivities, which include fireworks tonight and a parade at 11 a.m. Friday, should be sure to drink lots of water, according to City of Cumming Chief of Police Mike Eason.

"Stay hydrated," Eason said. "At last year's parade there were people passing out. They were expecting it to be cooler weather than it ended up being.

"Hopefully," Eason continued, "the weather will be beautiful."

Eason said for those who plan on driving anywhere during the holiday should exercise caution on the road.

"Watch out for kids," Eason said. "They're going to be everywhere during the holiday because of the outdoor activities."

Eason said because the holiday creates a "party atmosphere" there may be an increased amount of alcohol consumption.

"With people having parties, sometimes you've got people who will consume more alcohol than they really should."

"Designate a driver if you're going out," he said. "Either stay at home when you drink or designate a driver."
Capt. Frank Huggins of the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office agrees.

"People should drink in a responsible manner," Huggins said. "If you drink, stay at home. Don't operate cars. Don't get carried away."

Huggins said residents should be aware that the sheriff's office will be stopped along roads performing "safety checks."

"We want to make sure everybody has a safe holiday on the road," he said. "Our enforcement is geared toward this."

Being safe on the road means being prepared for emergencies, according to AAA Auto Club South spokesman Gregg Laskoski.

"People should be aware of how far they need to drive and where they're heading. Use maps, a GPS and give themselves plenty of time to get to their destination. Don't be in a hurry."

Laskoski added that "it makes sense to carry bottled water or fruit juice in the car during their travels ... and any type of first aid kit" and an emergency kit for the vehicle that might include items like jumper cables.

The Georgia Department of Transportation will scale back its construction projects starting today and running through Sunday to ease weekend traffic congestion, according to a news release.