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Black Friday hits Forsyth County
Black Friday
Shoppers Brittney Minor and Jackie MacDonald browse books at Barnes and Noble at The Collection on Black Friday.

Businesses and shoppers in Forsyth County claimed to be more than prepared for the busiest shopping day of the year: Black Friday.

“It’s always fun because people want to be out shopping,” said Linda Plunkett, manager at Barnes and Noble in The Collection. “Usually everyone is happy. They’re buying gifts for themselves. It’s usually a pretty fun time.

Among the store’s shoppers on Friday morning was Brittney Minor, who was shopping with her mom, Jackie MacDonald. She said the duo has been Black Friday shopping for more than a year but it seemed like online shopping meant fewer shoppers.

“We usually get up early and come out because we like to see everyone going crazy at Black Friday, but it seems with online shopping, it’s a lot more quiet,” Minor said. “We’ve been to a couple of places already.”

She later added: “Amazon makes it so easy to stay in bed.”

Minor said there are still things that make Black Friday more personal than sitting at a computer, such as helping strangers pick out gifts.

“It’s fun and it gets me in the Christmas spirit,” Minor said.

Fellow shopper Ruby Smith said she had decided to skip the crazier parts of Black Friday and big box stores but still wanted to get some shopping done.

“We’re here to pick up Christmas presents, not necessarily any special deals; we’re just sort of out shopping for Christmas,” Smith said. “We weren’t out until 9 [a.m.]”

Others did decide to get into the Black Friday fray.

Plunkett said her store had a line of customers waiting when doors opened at 8 a.m., but said most traffic at The Collection would pick up later in the day.

Linda Lombardi, a manager at Charming Charlie said Friday morning the store had a bit of a slow start to the day but was hopeful it would pick up as the day went on.

“The way I look at it, everyone is coming off a big holiday,” she said. “If I was going out, I know it is Black Friday, so a lot of people like to get their early shopping, I know I would sleep in and hit in later in the day and evening.”

Lombardi said the day is “huge” for stores.

Both stores had deals to get customers in the door, and Plunkett said the planning at Barnes and Noble would likely begin the day after for Black Friday 2018.

“The company starts probably tomorrow,” Plunkett said. “We had a conference in October and we kind of talk about Black Friday, so since October, we’ve been planning this.”