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Black Friday -- In a word, ‘Crazy’
Shoppers flock to area retailers
Alecia York shops for deals Friday at Kohl’s on Market Place Boulevard. Local retailers welcomed large crowds for Black Friday. - photo by Autumn Vetter

The word “crazy” was a popular choice to describe the shopping activities in Forsyth County on Black Friday.

Alecia York had visited several stores, starting at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving and was winding down in Friday afternoon at Kohl’s.

She took a break to nap, but when she went back out Friday, the atmosphere could still only be defined as “crazy,” though less so than the night before.

Known as Black Friday for the ability to help merchants make a profit, or finish in the black, the day after Thanksgiving signals the start of the holiday shopping season.

The post-turkey dinner shopping madness is a family activity for York, husband and son.

“We have our Thanksgiving, we eat, then we go and shop it off,” she said, adding that the earlier start for some stores has been embraced in their trips. “If they’re going to be open, you’ve got to kind of take advantage of it.”

Since their extended family lives far away, York said the shopping is a good activity for the three, but the rest of the clan has caught on.

Her mother in Nevada called and asked York to buy a 32-inch television, since she knew they’d be out, York said.

Other shoppers also decided to split their time in the stores with some sleep in the middle.

Tammy Pirkle and her husband first stopped by Kohl’s at midnight.

“It was rather crazy, just crowded,” Pirkle said.

They left the prior night for more stores, and after three hours of sleep, the couple headed back to Kohl’s in hopes of finding fewer shoppers.

Pirkle said it might get hectic, but shopping the day after Thanksgiving “just gets you in the Christmas spirit.”

Holiday tunes announcing deals at Old Navy, sales and lines did just that.

Looking at clothes, Britain Wilson said she likes to come with her mother to the stores later on Black Friday each year.

They hope to accomplish all their Christmas shopping in one day.

“You can usually find some pretty good deals if you look,” Wilson said.

Manager Lisa Mallard said she thinks the sales at her store and a video game promotion drew in families.

The line at midnight opening, Mallard said, was, of course, “crazy.”

As people found what they were looking for, the line grew quickly until it was “wrapped around the store four times,” she said.

While it may have made for a sleepless night for Mallard, it was one she can appreciate in her industry.

“It is crazy,” she said, “but the day goes so fast.”