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Clock reset on plans for new Walmart
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Forsyth County News

The plans for a south Forsyth Walmart have been resubmitted with no changes.

Time expired on the supercenter’s first application for a site development permit with Forsyth County, so the company requested to continue the file, said Tom Brown, director of planning and community development.

Walmart first applied for the permit in June, seeking to build a 177,771-square-foot store on 24 acres at Mathis Airport and Peachtree parkways.

“They just resubmitted because their initial submittal had already reached that six-month limitation that we have,” Brown explained. “They requested that we just move the physical plans from one file to the next.

“That suggests that nothing has changed and they just ran out of time and have resubmitted to reset the clock.”

A site development permit allows a developer to make all the improvements to the land as indicated in the plans, but not the building, which requires a separate permit.

During the application process, staff will review the plans to ensure all zoning conditions, water and sewer needs, necessary road improvements and other requirements are met before a permit is issued.

Brown said the time limit exists so an applicant can’t let an application sit for a long period of time.

Once resubmitted, a new application is subject to any policies or procedures that may have changed, he said.

The plan review meeting is set for this week, according to the county’s eStatus Web site.

Brown had said the initial site plan would likely need some changes before receiving approval from county staff.

Since Walmart is still working out the details, the company doesn’t know when construction could start, said William Wertz, Walmart’s eastern director of community & media relations.

“It usually takes about a year to complete a store once all plans have been approved,” Wertz said in a statement. “We’re looking forward to bringing new jobs to the community and providing customers with new options for affordable food and other items.”

The proposed site is zoned commercial as a result of a county-initiated rezoning in late 2006 as an alternate location to Walmart’s original planned site, which was at what has become Mathis Airport Road near the Laurel Springs subdivision.

The store withdrew those plans in 2007.